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Frequently Asked Questions - Ropp Jersey Cheese, Normal IL
What are cheese curds?
Curds are fresh young cheddar cheese pieces in their natural, random shape and form before being processed into blocks and aged.

What is a Duroc?
Duroc is a large breed, red hog that developed in the United States during the nineteenth century. The Duroc breed produces high-quality cuts of pork.

What is farm-to-table?
Farm-to-table is an agricultural philosophy based on minimal interference from production to consumption. Ropp Farm embraces the notion of their products moving from the field to the fork with the smallest amount of non-natural intervention.

What is free-range?
Free range means our chickens are allowed to roam about freely in a low-density environment, resulting in a healthier, more satisfied bird.

What is a Hampshire?
A Hampshire is a well-muscled, rapidly growing, American black hog.

What does homogenize mean?
To homogenize milk means that we emulsify the fat content to render a product uniform in consistency.

What is a Jersey cow?
Jerseys are butterscotch in color with a low body mass and high butter fat content.

What is reconstitution?
Many large-scale dairy products are created using products that have been dehydrated. To produce their end product, the dehydrated items must be brought back to their hydrated form or reconstituted. This is opposed to the products we make at Ropp where everything is fresh from the farm.

What is rennet?
Rennet is a complex of enzymes used in the production of cheese. The enzymes cause the milk to coagulate, separating it into solids, which are curds and liquid or whey.

What is whey?
Whey is the liquid that remains after milk has been curdled and strained. It is a complete protein source, and, when we feed it to our hogs, they produce more tender meat tender meat completely suffused with a delicate taste.



Cheese production is an art and a science. Taste the hand-crafted, artisan products created by Ropp Jersey Cheese.



Who would have guessed that striving to be conscientious farmers would lead us to a more tender pork, completely suffused with delicate taste?



We’re hands off in our beef production. That is, we use creature-friendly grazing and less obtrusive maintenance resulting in a healthier, tastier, leaner, yet still juicy burger.



At Ropp, we mean it when we say all-natural and free-range poultry. Those ideals marry perfectly with Ropp standards that have been growing for seven generations.
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