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With the holiday season quickly approaching, we are offering Cheese Gift Boxes. To order, please call 309-452-3641 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Download a PDF of available boxes.


Cheese production is as much an art as science. The animals involved, their diet, and the environment are all variables in creating Ropp’s artisan cheeses.


Our cheese is locally developed and 100% natural. Each of our blends are crafted on-site with the utmost care to our livestock, yielding an unparalleled product.


“With more than 40% of U.S. milk production utilized in the manufacture of cheese, using nutrient-dense milk produced by smaller Jersey cattle produces substantial reductions in water and land usage, fuel consumption, waste output, and greenhouse gas emissions compared to using Holstein milk.” Dairy Business Weekly July 2, 1994



Cheese production is an art and a science. Taste the hand-crafted, artisan products created by Ropp Jersey Cheese.



Who would have guessed that striving to be conscientious farmers would lead us to a more tender pork, completely suffused with delicate taste?



We’re hands off in our beef production. That is, we use creature-friendly grazing and less obtrusive maintenance resulting in a healthier, tastier, leaner, yet still juicy burger.



At Ropp, we mean it when we say all-natural and free-range poultry. Those ideals marry perfectly with Ropp standards that have been growing for seven generations.
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