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“All-natural” and “free-range” are terms thrown around with varying degrees of accuracy and authenticity. At Ropp, we recognize the real meaning behind these words and strive to produce products that live up to that standard. And really, it isn’t hard because those ideals marry perfectly with the standards that we already have in place. And we realized not long ago that it isn’t just pork and beef products that can benefit from our production standards. So we decided to expand our interests into the poultry market. Like all of our prior endeavors, our chicken operations begin with:
  • A holistically natural approach in allowing the animals to enjoy their environment freely
  • An anti-pharmaceutical approach; contrary to conventional belief, antibiotics are actually used similarly to steroids in artificial girth building agents in mass-production chickens
To the end-user, this results in:
  • More genuine, high-quality meat-per-pound
  • Most robust, flavorful, cost-effective yield
“There’s nothing new about raising free-range poultry, of course. It used to be done that way all over. A natural part of every old-time farmstead was a half-wild flock of chickens scratching around the barnyard and fields after bugs, native seeds and berries.” Mother Earth News July/August 1984



Cheese production is an art and a science. Taste the hand-crafted, artisan products created by Ropp Jersey Cheese.



Who would have guessed that striving to be conscientious farmers would lead us to a more tender pork, completely suffused with delicate taste?



We’re hands off in our beef production. That is, we use creature-friendly grazing and less obtrusive maintenance resulting in a healthier, tastier, leaner, yet still juicy burger.



At Ropp, we mean it when we say all-natural and free-range poultry. Those ideals marry perfectly with Ropp standards that have been growing for seven generations.
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