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Wholesale or Commercial - Ropp Jersey Cheese, Normal IL

Engrained Brewing Company – Springfield, IL

“Our pork comes from Ropp Farms in Normal, IL, who we have a great relationship with. Our owner, Brent Schwoerer, grew up with the Ropps and lived about a mile away from their farm. Carol Ropp was Brent’s geometry teacher in high school, and Brent used to show dairy cattle at the county and State fair with the Ropp family. The Ropp family also provides our fresh cheese curds!”


Destihl Restaurant & Brew Works – Normal, IL, and Champaign, IL

“When you start your meal at Destihl with the Ropp Jersey Cheese Curds, hand-breaded and fried and served with roasted garlic and tomato sauce, you’re taking part in McLean County’s version of the farm-to-table movement that is sweeping the nation. The timing couldn’t have been better for Destihl, which opened in the Shoppes at College Hills in the fall of 2007. The restaurant’s concept is grounded upon handcrafted New American cuisine and handcrafted beer, Destihl’s executive chef creates a number of tantalizing dishes from Ropp cheeses, such as the chicken and blue cheddar salad and the grilled stuffed pasta—filled with artichokes, kalamata olives, onion and herb cheese curds, sun-dried tomatoes and basil.”



Cheese production is an art and a science. Taste the hand-crafted, artisan products created by Ropp Jersey Cheese.



Who would have guessed that striving to be conscientious farmers would lead us to a more tender pork, completely suffused with delicate taste?



We’re hands off in our beef production. That is, we use creature-friendly grazing and less obtrusive maintenance resulting in a healthier, tastier, leaner, yet still juicy burger.



At Ropp, we mean it when we say all-natural and free-range poultry. Those ideals marry perfectly with Ropp standards that have been growing for seven generations.
Ropp Jersey Cheese Store
2676 Ropp Road    Normal, IL 61761