The romance of a butterscotch-coated calf suckling in an alfalfa field full of purple blooms could be enough to endear even the most uninformed observer to the beauty of the breed. More practically, the Ropp Family has embraced the breed from a responsible production and sustainability strategy. The Jersey cow is quite small, ranging from only 800 to 1,200 pounds. Jerseys give us the ability to carry a larger number of effective milking cows per unit area due to lower body weight.

What makes this species particularly intriguing is that, while small in stature, this breed provides:
  • A higher ratio dairy yield of 4.84% butterfat and 3.95% protein
  • The ability to thrive on locally produced feed
“The sole office of the Jersey cow, broadly speaking, is to produce the largest possible amount of rich and highly colored cream from a given amount of food.” – Jersey Herd Register Vol 1, 1871

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Cheese production is an art and a science. Taste the hand-crafted, artisan products created by Ropp Jersey Cheese.



Who would have guessed that striving to be conscientious farmers would lead us to a more tender pork, completely suffused with delicate taste?



We’re hands off in our beef production. That is, we use creature-friendly grazing and less obtrusive maintenance resulting in a healthier, tastier, leaner, yet still juicy burger.



At Ropp, we mean it when we say all-natural and free-range poultry. Those ideals marry perfectly with Ropp standards that have been growing for seven generations.
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